New twist in Juja MP sex saga as another man claims child


THE Juja MP sex saga yesterday took a new twist, when a 28-year-old mobile phone dealer in Nairobi claimed responsibility for the pregnancy.

Joseph Njuguna said he, not Juja MP Francis Waititu, made 25-year-old Martha Wanjiru pregnant, contrary to her allegations. Njuguna, who spoke to the Star on the phone, said he had been living in the same house with Wanjiru until three weeks ago, when she left after a disagreement. Njuguna claimed that Wanjiru became pregnant while in his house in Githurai 44, and that she had informed him that he was the father of the unborn baby.

Wanjiru denied the claims by Njuguna last night and dismissed him as a jilted lover who did not wish her well. “It is not true. The man wanted to marry me, but I refused. I did not have an intimate relationship with him,” said Wanjiru.

But Njuguna insisted that he is responsible for her pregnancy. He also distanced himself from social media comments that he was doing a hatchet job on behalf of some Kiambu politicians who wanted to discredit Wanjiru. Asked what his intention was, Njuguna said: “I feel bad that she has tarnished the MP’s name.

She told me that I am the father of the child and I have been supporting her financially until now. “I only want the truth to be known.” Njuguna said he had been living in the same rented house with Wanjiru since March and had planned to marry her until three weeks ago, when they parted ways.

Njuguna claimed that he told Wanjiru to leave his house after he learnt from her friends that she had a five-year-old son who was in her rural home in Othaya. “I did not want to marry a lady who had a child. And because I could not establish the truth about her, we parted ways,” Njuguna said.

On Tuesday, the M-pesa attendant told Kasarani police that she became pregnant after a 13-month relationship with the MP popularly known as Wakapee. She also reported death threats after she declined a proposal by the MP that she procures an abortion.