New rules move HR staff beyond hiring and firing


All human resource professionals in Kenya are to undergo fresh vetting before being allowed to practice.

This is according to new rules released by the Institute of Human Resources Management (IHRM), which also require practitioners to hold practising certificates issued by the professional body.

Before the formulation of these regulations, anyone could practise as a human resource professional regardless of their academic background.

The rules, which cut across both the private and public sectors, are likely to lock out many professionals with questionable credentials.

They state that any person seeking to obtain or renew a practising certificate, “must be a fully paid up fellow or member of the institute with a minimum bachelor’s degree or a Higher National Diploma in human resource management or its equivalent from a recognised professional examining body, who either performs human resource management duties and responsibilities in an organisation or offers human resource consultancy services in a registered human resource firm.”

According to IHRM Council Chairman, Mr Paul Kasimu, the main objective of the law is to provide a framework for training and regulation of activities of human resource professionals as a way of enhancing enforcement standards.


“This will improve the quality of service and protect clients and the general citizenry from incompetent and unqualified people masquerading as human resource practitioners. We want HR to move beyond hiring and firing to driving business growth through talent management,” he said.

MrKasimu said human resource professionals will be required to keep upgrading their skills to ensure renewal of their practising certificates.

IHRM was established under the Human Resource Management Professionals Act 2012 as the regulatory body for human resource professionals in Kenya. The Act was assented to by President MwaiKibaki on December 31, 2012.