New phone application to boost food production

A new mobile application ‘uLima’ has been launched to provide farmers with key information to boost production.

The application, the first kind in Africa will provide farmers across the continent with toolset, information libraries, databases and access to the latest market information.

Addressing the media during a farmers’ field day in Mombasa on Monday, uLima Chief Executive Officer Sunesh Bhoola said the platform will help farmers to access information on crops, seed, soil, livestock, agri-chemicals, weather updates and market prices.

With this application, farmers would make reference to best farming practices in the world, said Bhoola.

He said they had chosen Kenya as the launching centre due its technological advancement and good policies on agricultural sector.

He said the main reason for this new application is to address the perennial food shortage and also make Africa a food stable continent.

Despite having vast tractsof arable land, Africa remains a net importer of food, added the uLima CEO.

Bhoola further said farmers will now have all the necessary information on ‘one-stop shop’ that will enhance efficiency and improve production.

Source: Kenya News Agency