New oil product for motorcycles unveiled

Over 612 bodaboda in Kitale benefited from a free motorcycle clinic from the (AFFAL).

Speaking on Monday during the free service checkup in Kitale town, the Company’s Sales Executive, Samuel Njeru said the new oil product known as Havoline Ezy 4T petrol engine oil will reduce the costs that motorbike riders incur in servicing their motorcycles.

Njeru said the new product which comes in one-litre bottle costs Sh. 350 and lasts for more than 3000 kilometers that a motorbike travels.

A motorcycle bodaboda averagely covers 1000 kilometres in one week so with the new product for Sh. 350 he/she will cover 3000 kilometers before servicing the motorbike, he said.

Njeru said the new product was unveiled with an aim of minimizing the money bodaboda lost in servicing their motorbikes since the previous product known as Delo Engine oil was expensive and did not last for long.

He said that in Trans Nzoia there are 70 000 registered motorcyclists who use 170 000 litres of oil in a month.

The market in Trans Nzoia is infinite and we want to take good care of our customers whereby they can save their money instead of spending more, he noted.

The Chairman of Bodaboda in Trans Nzoia, Anthony Obimba said the new oil product will help in ensuring that most of them spend less.

He said they have been losing more in servicing their motorcycles ending up with little savings as most of them are hired.

Source: Kenya News Agency