Neglected Industries In Nakuru

Changing the education system without building and reviving the neglected industries which provide a platform for the learned persons to practice their knowledge and skills might not create jobs for the much-hyped Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The Chairman of Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs), Johnson Ndegwa said the high number of collapsed industries posed a challenge to the students since most courses offered at institutions of higher learning have a critical phase of industrial attachment, and the few operational ones could not absorb all of them.

Ndegwa said there was a correlation between CBC and industries and that was the major trajectory in the development of Asian countries.

The Chairman was speaking on Tuesday during a press conference at his office in Nakuru town.

Noting the industries were the key to garnering competence since they give substantial exposure to individuals and opportunities to learn more, Ndegwa added that the government should invest heavily in supporting the revival of industries.

He added that a number of SMEs were struggling and others closing because the manufacturing sector, which has the capacity to boost the Big Four Agenda, was not well supported financially.

Ndegwa said the country has produced many food scientists who have the capacity of running cottage industries to add value to farm produce, such as tomatoes and potatoes but accessing loans was still a tall order since they lacked collateral.

Source: Kenya News Agency