Negative effects of El Nino rains

The El Nino rains which started in Laikipia County in November, 2015 have caused damage in various sectors.

County Director of National Drought Management Authority (NDMA), Mr. Parkolwa Mustafa said a comprehensive report on the effects of the will be released by his office next week.

“Key members of the County Steering Group (CSG) in conjunction with my office last week, carried an assessment across the area, to find out how the El Nino rains have impacted on various sectors’,’ he noted.

Mustafa who was s peaking to KNA on Monday in his Nanyuki office said farmers in Ethi location lost about 300 goats due to the rains in December last year. “One farmer named Kamanja lost 78 goats all valued at KShs 1.5 million to floods,” he added.

He said the goats were swept away when the banks of Ethi Dam broke down during a heavy downpour that was accompanied by hailstones and strong winds.

He added 320 acres of wheat in Ethi area was completely destroyed by hailstones, wind and water logging in December, adding that area residents depended on livestock and cultivation agriculture.

He said the heavy rains caused deep gullies on road connecting Ethi and Dol dol town cutting down, communication, saying there is need for urgency to repair roads destroyed by the rains, to accord people easy communication.

The director said in Lamuria location 62 families were displaced when their houses were submerged by flash floods which also swept away their household goods.

“The affected families sought shelter from their neighbors who were living on higher ground,” he said, adding that three head of cattle, five sheep, and 30 chickens were swept away.

The rains also destroyed 60 farms planted with maize, beans and onions. However, the displaced people have returned to their homes when the rains ceased in January this year.

Mustafa farmers in both Ethi and Lamuria need assistance in famine relief food and household equipment and also to restock their flocks and seeds to plant in the next season.

By Margaret Kirera

Source: Kenya News Agency