NDMA launches Sh9 million de-stocking programme in Tana River

The National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) on Tuesday kicked off a Sh9 million livestock de-stocking programme in Tana River County.

NDMA’s Tana River County Coordinator, Mr. Abdi Musa Mohamed said the programme, which is being funded by the European Union, targeted to purchase and slaughter 385 head of cattle at S5, 000 each and 750 sheep and goats at Sh3,000 each.

The first beneficiaries of the programme were residents of Dirbo Arbo in Tana Delta Sub County, where the NDMA bought 20 head of cattle and 20 sheep/goats, slaughtered them and distributed the meat to the locals.

Mr. Mohamed, who launched the initiative, thanked the European Union for the gesture which he said would help reduce the pangs of hunger as well as enable pastoralists to dispose off their weak animals and use the money for other economic activities.

Pastoralists have started losing their animals to the drought and this initiative has come at the right time to forestall the loses and feed those affected by famine, he said.

Pastoralists in Dirbo Arbo village thanked the EU and the NDMA for the gesture, saying it would go a long way in alleviating their suffering.

We sincerely thank NDMA and the EU for this programme and urge other well-wishers to come to the aid of those being affected by the drought, village elder Guyo Gobu said.

Source: Kenya News Agency