Ndathi claims he ditched Jubilee after he was rigged out during nominations

The April 24 Jubilee nominations were massively rigged and forced many popular candidates to either join other parties or go independent, Kirinyaga Governor, Joseph Ndathi has said.

Ndathi likened the nominations to stolen mock examinations where weak candidates emerged tops beating the sharp ones only for tables to turn, come the real examination.

Am telling the purported winners of the Jubilee nominations to wait for the Matiangi set August 8 examinations and see how miserably they will lose since there will be no loop holes, he said.

He said like other aspirants who felt shortchanged during the alleged sham nominations, he decided to move on and wait for the people’s verdict come the general elections.

Since the constitution has a window for aspirants to seek elective positions as independent candidates, I chose this path and I am sure Wanjiku will give her right verdict come August 8, Ndathi said.

He said the many aspirants who were running as independent candidates after allegedly being rigged out during the Jubilee nominations was a clear testimony the exercise was marred by massive irregularities.

Ndathi, who lost to former powerful Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Anne Waiguru, made the remarks during a meet the people tour of Mwea where he claimed he was still the people’s choice.

He dismissed as false claims that the gubernatorial seat for the county is a two horse race pitying Waiguru and Narc-Kenya candidate Martha Karua.

Ndathi criticized those who crafted the two horse theory wondering when they conducted a research and what methodology they used to arrive at such a conclusion.

He said there were other candidates like Macharia Karani of the Maendeleo Chap Chap, Muriithi Kagai also an independent candidate and himself and as such the two horse race notion was misleading.

During the said nominations, Waiguru led the race with over 100, 000 votes Gachoki Gitari came second with 48, 000 votes while Ndathi trailed with only 17, 000 votes.

Source: Kenya News Agency