National Lands Commission to revoke title deeds on riparian land

All title deeds on riparian land along Indian Ocean illegally acquired after the ocean receded will be revoked.

Chairman National Lands Commission Dr. Mohamed Swazuri said many investors and private developers along the Indian Ocean where the sea receded had obtained title deeds against the law.

Speaking to the press in Malindi Sunday, Dr.Swazuri directed his staff to write a notice of revocation of the questionable title deeds. All those who invaded riparian land and obtained title deeds are going to lose them,” he warned.

He said the sea’s riparian land is not supposed to be allocated to anyone because one day, the ocean might expand onto it with devastating effects.

Dr. Swazuri also held a meeting with members of the Waqfu Commission and a section of Malindi Muslim leaders over the disputed Muslim cemetery land before touring the graveyard.

Malindi Muslims held a demonstration two weeks ago protesting against grabbing of cemetery land by a private developer.

Twahir AbdulKharim, a local leader who has been in the forefront fighting against the cemetery land grabbing,asked Swazuri to allow them to construct a perimeter wall to prevent any further encroachment.

Source: Kenya News Agency