National anthem composer dies in Hola


One of the composers of the national anthem has died. Mzee Galana Meza, 96, died at the Hola District Hospital, Tana River county, on Thursday.

Meza had been ailing for a while and was admitted at the hospital on Monday. His wife Zipporah Meza said he had been in pain before he died.

“I was at his bedside all those days he was ailing and took care of him,” she said. Zipporah said Meza was first taken to a dispensary in Wenje, then transferred to Hola District Hospital.

Tana River medical services director Oscar Endekwa said Meza suffered from hypostatic pneumonia, which is fatal in old age.

Meza has left behind a widow, six children and 29 grandchildren. Zipporah urged the state to help the family, as Meza was patriotic and made a great contribution to Kenya. Meza will be buried on November 21 in Makere.