Narok Town Residents Crying Foul Bridges Swept by Flash Floodsng after Main

Narok town residents are a crying foul after two major bridges in the middle of Narok town were washed by flash floods making residents and business people to trek longer distances than usual.

Motorists and people operating in the town have been forced to use alternative routes as the bridges leading to the main Narok stage and that between Navais Supermarket and Narok � Bomet Highway were washed away by the flash floods.

The raging waters destroyed the ongoing multi-million storm drainage system being constructed to mitigate flash floods in Narok town creeping the construction process.

The bridge which recently acquired a new contractor was left in ruins after the flood waters swept the bridge that was in its middle stages.

Locals are now appealing to the county government to act with speed and rebuild the vital bridge, saying the situation is affecting their business since customers cannot access their business premises.

Margaret Nyaako who sells vegetables near the main stage lamented that her customers has decreased since the bridge was broken and called on the county government to rebuild it immediately so as to ease movement in the busy town.

She wondered why the county officials are so swift in collecting tax from the business community yet they are doing nothing to avert the situation asking them to erect temporary wooden bridge to ease movement and boost business.

After the prolonged electioneering period last year, my business went down, but after the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, our businesses had started picking up until the flash floods came that has rendered most roads in town impassable, he said.

Nathan Yenko, a taxi operator faulted the Kenya National Highway Authourity for demolishing a bridge at the heart of town without a proper plan on how to reconstruct it. He said because of this, motorist are forced to use alternative one way routes that has caused congestion in town.

The county government should intervene and reconstruct all roads and bridges within town because motorists are wasting a lot of time in traffic jams that could otherwise be avoided, he said.

Rahab Nayuma, an official in the department of roads confirmed that the county government is aware of the situation, saying plans are underway to rebuild standard bridges in the town.

She however blamed the situation to delay of funding from the National treasury that do not release the county allocations on time.

We have gone round and seen what the hell the business community and motorists are facing in this town, but we want to assure all that the county has put plans to expand the drainages and build standard bridges that will last long, she said.

At the same time, Narok County Commissioner, George Natembeya has asked National Government officers in charge of roads to sit down and come out with a viable solution that will curb the floods.

He blamed the engineers of doing little to help the government come out with a permanent solution yet they were aware that the flash floods appear every year.

Recently, area Governor, Samuel Tunai blamed corruption in the defunct county council for the encroachment of the water ways in Narok town leading to the perennial flash floods.

This year, the local government embarked on demolition of the kiosks illegally constructed on road reserves after elapse of the three-month notice issues to them.

We are going to stop at nothing in ensuring that business people and residents of this town are free from flash floods. We know some people bought land, build along the water ways but we shall bring them down, said the governor.

The governor revealed that the county shall construct more check dams upstream to reduce the impact of the flash floods which previously led to deaths and destruction of property.

We want to make this town conducive for investors to come and invest. We are going to use the original map to reclaim all public land that might have been illegally acquired, said Tunai.

In the April 2015 flash floods, 11 people were swept away and property worth millions of shillings destroyed by the raging waters.

Meanwhile, residents living and earning their livelihood from Narok Dumping site have not been spared by the heavy downpour either as their houses and luggage were too swept by flash floods.

Led by their chairman Samuel Loyolei, the residents said their semi-permanent structures were washed by the rain waters forcing them to seek for shelter in unfinished buildings in Narok town.

Since the rains began two months ago, our scrap metal and plastic business has gone down as the roads are impassable, also most of our luggage was swept by flash floods, he said.

Loyolei narrated that they sell one Kilogram of used plastic bottles at Sh. 4 while one kilogram of scrap metals sell at Sh. 10.

Source: Kenya News Agency