Narok Commissioner asks chiefs to register all girls in School

Narok County Commissioner, George Natembeya has asked Chiefs to take registration of girls in schools seriously, as a measure to ensure that girls are retained in school.

Natembeya lamented that the trend of girls dropping out of school was too worrying and the government will take all measures possible to ensure 100 percent transition from primary school to tertiary level.

I am the father of all children in this county and I will not allow any of my daughters to be given in for marriage before she completes her studies, he reiterated.

The County commissioner was speaking at his office Friday where he warned chiefs who will fail to adhere to his orders that stern action will be taken against them.

He added that girls who get pregnant in school should go back after delivery to complete their studies.

Chiefs are the government eyes at the grass roots, they should take note of all that is going on in schools in their area of jurisdiction, hence it is not acceptable for anyone to fail to give the ‘girl return every two weeks, he said.

Natembeya warned elderly men in the habit of marrying off their daughters while still in primary school, saying they risked being arrested and prosecuted.

Why should you marry off your daughter for a few cows that will not benefit you in future yet when you give your girl education it is a permanent investment you have put in her, he asked.

Source: Kenya News Agency