Name mix-up costs youth in army listing

Officers conducting the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) recruitment exercise in Kisii County, have observed that those intending to join the forces were squandering their chances of joining the military, as they presented documents with different names.

This is a big challenge, due to inconsistencies of the names used in the ID and school certificates. This has made us drop a number of applicants, the officer in charge of the recruitment in the area, Lt. Col. Mathews Lenamunai observed.

Speaking on Thursday to KNA at Getembe Primary School, during the exercise, he said the military was pleased with the huge turnout of applicants in the County.

The exercise will also be conducted on 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th this month, at Marani, Itumbe, Ogembo, Nyamache and Kenyenya respectively.

He said the exercise involved public participation and the media for free and fair selections, after which the names of the successful recruits will be sent to the Department of Defense office.

He further added that the candidates should be between 18-26 years, and should possess an ID card or passport, among other requirements.

The Lt. Col. also advised degree holders to apply to be enlisted as Cadets in the Army and cautioned the public against being involved in bribery during the exercise.

This is a controlled exercise and after medical results of the candidates are presented, the report is sent to defense headquarters, said Lenamunai.

The KDF recruitment exercise is normally conducted twice every financial year, subject to the availability of government resources, he emphasized.

Source: Kenya News Agency