Nakuru Hawkers’ Bill

The association of hawkers in Nakuru Town has appealed to Parliament to support the proposed draft Protection to Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending Bill.

The Nakuru Hawkers Association Chairman, Johnson Ndegwa said its one of the most exceptional, distinctive and matchless Bill ever proposed in the country as the proposer has nothing to gain from it, apart from taking genuine steps to solve people’s problems.

He urged other leaders in the country to emulate, the proposer of the Bill, Murang’a Governor, Mwangi Wa Iria, and always use their eminent positions to come up with laws, which decipher and untangle societies’ problems.

The Chairman said the bill has the capacity of creating sanity in all towns because once hawkers get recognized by the law, and the regular harassment by police and county Askaris ceases, they are likely to reorganize themselves in appreciation of their legalization. He was speaking yesterday during a press conference in the town.

He said even industrialized and first world countries realized a long time ago the futility of chasing hawkers from the streets, and they designated places for them to carry out their business.

Ndegwa said that most jobs are now in the streets and many unemployed youths were likely to earn a living and get their daily bread from hawking.

He added that successful companies in the country realized much earlier the importance of using hawkers to market and popularize their products.

However, he urged hawkers to carry themselves with decorum and politeness so as to win the trust of parliamentarians to pass the Bill.

He said if the proposed Bill was passed, the greatest losers will be county Askaris who have always eaten from their sweat, through extortion.

Source: Kenya News Agency