Nakuru court orders Pre-bail report for Nakuru Child Abuser

A Nakuru Court has ordered a pre-bail report to be done before a 45 years old man accused of child pornography, indecent act on a minors and promoting child prostitution is granted bail.

The Resident Magistrate, Eunice Kelly ordered that a report be done to ascertain the situation on the ground and whether the accused person could be released on bond.

Tom Musabili, known to many as Juma, 45, is accused of allegedly showing sexual content to 19 children aged between 12 and 15 with an intention of having them engage in sexual activities.

On May 25, Principal Magistrate Joe Omido had ordered that the accused be remanded in custody as relatives of his victims bayed for his blood. The court ordered that he remain in police custody to avoid exposing him to mob justice.

State prosecutor, Denis Atika told the court that a pretrial report had not been availed by the probation department and requested the court for a few more days to have the report ready.

Lawyer for the accused, Olaly Cheche said that the court needs to pressure the probation officers to avail the report because his client was suffering in remand.

He further said that the case has a hearing date of September 14 and his client could not be remanded till then.

Your honour, this matter needs to be taken with a lot of urgency since my client is evidently suffering in remand and it will be unfair to keep him in remand till September, said Cheche

Musabili is facing two other cases with similar accusations before other courts in Nakuru. He allegedly showed sexual video contents to the children and later forced them to have sex amongst each other and with him.

He also allegedly forced one boy to have sex with a mentally ill woman in the presence of two other teenagers aged 14 and 15.

He was alleged to have committed the offenses on unknown dates between the month of March and May at Railways Estate within Nakuru county.

The accused had been contracted by several parents to be taking their children to school, but he later lured them with sweets into his house, where he showed them sexual content videos.

The case will be mentioned on July 5th this year when the pre bail report will be tabled.

Source: Kenya News Agency