Nairobi returns to normal after Barack Obama’s visit

With the exit of United States President Barack Obama, Nairobi has returned to its normal chaotic self.

The heavy security presence ahead and during the three days President Obama was hosted in Nairobi has been withdrawn as residents, who had been asked to avoid loitering in the capital, return to their normal busy lives.

Streets were nearly empty and unusually quiet during the period the US President was in Kenya.

However, motorists have now to contend with heavy traffic jams, on the reopening of the three major roads that had been closed during President Obama’s visit.

County authorities had cleared idlers, beggars and street families ahead of the US leader’s visit.


On Monday, street vendors along River Road and Kirinyaga Road were eager to catch up on what they lost in the three days.

County authorities had ordered all non-essential businesses in Nairobi to close and residents to stay home until President Obama left town.

“This kind of high-profile visit is likely to attract cases of insecurity,” Mr Manoah Esipisu, presidential spokesman had also said.

He added that tight security was always present during such presidential visits.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Nkaissery had said, ahead of Mr Obama’s visit, that said anyone violating the security measures risked arrest.

“Any person found loitering and without an identity card will be arrested and prosecuted,” he said.

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero had assured the world that the city was safe having taken all the necessary steps to host the world leader.