Nairobi County Census Committee Inaugurated

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) will conduct the 2019 Census using mobile technology in data collection for accuracy purposes.

The enumerators that will conduct the Census that will begin on 24th / 25th to 31st August 2019, will use hand-held mobile devices to capture the information and transmit it via internet to the KNBS central servers.

Speaking during the inaugural meeting of the County Census Committee (CCC) for Nairobi, Nairobi County Commissioner (CC), Flora Mworoa said the adaptation of this method was as per the recommendation of the United Nations.

The 2019 census will be implemented under the 2020 round of censuses as recommended by the United Nations where countries are encouraged to adopt use of mobile technology in data collection during cartographic mapping and actual census remuneration, she said.

Mworoa also added that for complete and accurate data to be collected, preparation for all requisite activities are

necessary through the Census County Committee.

The main duty of CCC is to ensure that all the necessary preparatory activities for enumerating all persons found within our county’s boundaries on the census night are counted without omission, Mworoa added.

To discharge its duties, Mworoa noted that the CCC which comprises of 15 key stakeholders has been given the responsibility to oversee several activities, such as the general administration, coordination and execution of activities at the County level in consultation with census coordinator.

The CCC will also be undertaking census publicity and advocacy activities within the County, making security

arrangements, ensuring safety of all census personnel, materials and instruments under their control and also ensure that the materials and equipment are returned and safely stored , Mworoa added.

The Census is to provide the government with up-to-date data on the population, in terms of demographic, social and economic characteristics, housing conditions and household amenities.

The data collected through the 2019 census will further provide crucial information that is essential for evidence based development planning, administrative and policy decisions and research and will enable the achievement of the big four agenda.

The Population and Housing Census is conducted after every ten years as provided for by The Constitution of Kenya 2010, the Statistics Act 2006 and the Statistics (Census of Population) Order 2018- Legal Notice No. 205, vide Kenya Gazette Supplement No. 141.

Kenya has so far conducted seven censuses since 1948 with the last one having been conducted in August 2009.

Source: Kenya News Agency