NACCSC appeals for corruption prevention

The National Anti-corruption Campaign Steering Committee (NACCSC) has hailed President Uhuru Kenyatta for coming out strongly against corruption noting that the fight must begin from the top.

In a signed press statement, NACCSC Vice Chairperson Rev. Jessie Mutura said the committee was saddened by the increasing number of corruption scandals being reported in the media, painting a grim picture of the country.

She said that the scandal revelations have validated the 2017 Global Corruption Perception Index, which ranked Kenya at 28 out of 100, which was worse than 2016 that was 26 out of 100.

She noted that it was even worrying to learn that the cases being highlighted now were committed some years back and only brought to light through recent audit reports.

This may mean that there could be other more current corrupt deals, recently sealed, but are yet to be made public, she said

The committee wants Kenyans to urgently have a conversation on what should be adopted as a lasting solution to the corruption menace.

There is also need to adopt preventive measures beginning at community level, said Rev. Mutura. We must embrace the concept of public participation and avail ourselves whenever public funds utilization is being discussed, he added.

The committee urged Kenyans to participate in the vetting of public officers by giving their views in good time.

Let us all support and willingly participate in the fight by reporting all corruption cases we may witness, whistle blow where appropriate, record statements with enforcement agencies and testify in courts of law against corruption suspects, she said.

She stated that the committee has welcomed the prompt action taken by the law enforcement agencies to press charges against suspects, and urged for sustained efforts in securing convictions and recovering stolen resources.

The committee has also asked for periodic and random lifestyle audits of public officials in high corruption-risk areas and continuous monitoring of such systems for timely arrests.

It has also called for decisive actions against people involved in similar scandals and appealed to members of the public to support various agencies in discharging their mandate.

The committee promised to continue working closely with all agencies and stakeholders, chief among them the education and religious sectors, to inculcate the right values in Kenyans from a tender age, create awareness and educate the public.

NACCSC, which was established through a special Gazette Notice No. 4124 of May 28, 2004, has a broad mandate which includes among other things, establishment of a framework for a nationwide campaign against corruption and effecting fundamental changes in the attitudes of Kenyans towards corruption.

Source: Kenya News Agency