Mwea land will determine your legacy, Wambora told

Mbeere South residents have called on Embu County government to prioritize fresh sub-divisions and allocations of the controversial Mwea Scheme Land this year.

Speaking during a Public Participation Forum (PPF) on Thursday, they told their Governor Martin Wambora who is serving his final term that he would leave a legacy should he accomplish the exercise.

The residents from Mwea and Makima wards said should the exercise happen, Wambora would be remembered for being the leader who resolved protracted land tussles that have characterized the piece of land for years.

They said the exercise should be made the main project in the area.

Led by Makimwea spokesperson, Silas Mwaniki, the residents called on the County government to set aside funds to restart an exercise where each one gets a portion of the land.

We shall support the exercise by making sure it runs smoothly and fast. We have already identified real residents who should be given priority, said Mwaniki.

In Runyenjes constituency in the upper parts of the county, residents too called on the County government to prioritize the re-allocation of the Mwea land for the sake of the County’s unity.

Mike Mugo, a resident said the disputed land had painted the County in bad light and had brought bad blood between the Mbeere, Embu and Kamba communities that constitute the County.

Subdivision and allocations of the about 45, 000 acre land was controversially done in 2016 and some title deeds given out causing an uproar from residents most of whom claimed they missed out.

This made President Uhuru Kenyatta to direct that solutions to end the tussles be sought during his campaigns last year, leading to a halt in issuance of title deeds.

Late last year, Governor Wambora claimed that beaconing of the land was to start soon, causing panic among the residents.

Most of them vowed that they would not move out, claiming that they had lived in the land all their life and had nowhere to relocate to.

There also have been claims of conmen selling the pieces of land to unsuspecting customers leading to Mbeere South Deputy County Commissioner, Beverly Oporwa to caution against buying land from the area.

Oporwa said those buying the land risked losing their money. He added that the government was looking for solutions to address the residents’ concerns.

Source: Kenya News Agency