Mwala Residents decry dysfunctional County Ambulances

Residents of Mwala sub-county of Machakos have raised concerns over the unreliable emergency ambulances services in the county terming it a waste of tax payer’s money.

The residents have now branded the ambulances another ‘white elephant’ arguing that their benefits were short-lived.

Samuel Kiilu, a Mthetheni resident who spoke to the press this morning noted that it is very unfortunate that people from his neighbourhood are yet to set eyes on the county ambulances.

The county ambulances have been non-functional for a long period of time thereby crippling emergency services within the sub-county, said Kiilu.

The aggrieved residents are now appealing to the county government through the Ministry of Health to streamline the county emergency hospital ambulance services to ensure that all the residents benefit.

In response, Mwala sub-county administrator Peter Maingi said most of the ambulances within the sub-county have not been properly insured.

Maingi however assured the residents that the county government of Machakos was looking into the issue to ensure that they benefit from the free ambulance services.

In February 2014, Governor Alfred Mutua launched 70 ambulances at a total cost of Sh. 125 million, or roughly Sh.1.79 million per van.

This however sparked speculations with some questioning the ambulances’ efficiency given that an ideal fully-equipped modern ambulance costs approximately Sh. 5 to 15 million.

Other detractors further questioned the capability of the county government administrators to manage such a huge fleet arguing that outsourcing the emergency hospital services would have the most cost-effective option.

Source: Kenya News Agency