Mvurya meets MCAs over Sh400m bursary


Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya has met the MCAs to discuss control of the Sh400 bursary kitty.

MCAs had threatened to pass an impeachment motion against Mvurya and Deputy Governor Fatuma Achani, accusing them of withholding the money. MCAs passed the Bursary Act, making them patrons of the funds in their wards.

The Controller of Budget, however, withheld the money until the MCAs amend the Act and give control to the executive.

After a seven-hour meeting on Monday at the Amani Tiwi Beach Hotel, the governor and MCAs agreed to form a nine-member committee to address the issues.

Achani, whom MCAs have accused of not advising the governor on the issue, did not attend. When contacted, Achani said she was on official duty elsewhere and could not attend.

Speaker Sammy Ruwa said the two arms of government will not discuss the issue in public rallies any more until the committee resolves it.

“We have learnt from what has happened and now we have agreed to solve our issues without engaging the public. We have said if anyone of us has issues, the doors are open for deliberation,” he said.

Mvurya urged residents and politicians to support the county government so it can solve its issues amicably.

He said neither the assembly nor the executive is holding the bursary funds.

Mvurya said other issues discussed at the meeting include implementation of motions and laws passed by the assembly.

The assembly has claimed that since they took office, in 2013 none of the motions they have passed has been implemented by the executive.

“Those are some of the issues the committee we have formed will look into,” he said.

Although the two arms of government have agreed to work together, Citizens Democratic Assembly Group has maintained they will start collecting signatures to send MCAs home.

The group has been at the center of the bursary issue and has been accused of being funded by the executive to frustrate the MCAs.

Group spokesperson Mshenga Ruga said it will not stop its public rallies on the issue.

Member Hassan Mzinga said they will be collecting signatures in the remaining 13 wards.