Muslim clerics call for unity in the country

Muslim clerics are calling for peace and religious tolerance to help build stability and progress in the country.

Speaking in Mombasa on Sunday while commemorating Ashura, which marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, they called for unity among all Muslims in the country.

Led by visiting cleric, Sheikh Nuru Mohamed, a British citizen of Nigerian origin, they called for harmonious co-existence among Kenyans of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Sheikh Mohamed said peace was a necessary requirement for the development of any nation and asked Kenyans to embrace unity in the interest of future generations.

The cleric speaking while touring mosques in Mombasa, said religious leaders should preach peace and hope, and advised Kenyans to tolerate one another regardless of their religious, ethnic and political affiliations.

Sheikh Mohamed urged Muslims to emulate Imam Hussein’s good leadership qualities by non-violently resisting injustices, oppressions and inequalities.

His sentiments were echoed by Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) Coast Regional Chairman, Sheikh Muhdhar Khitamy who said religious leaders should warn people against acts that are capable of causing disunity and violence.

He said Kenyans should at all cost avoid, ‘bitter religious and ethnic differences,’ that have the potential to negatively affected lives and the social-economic progress of the nation.

Yusuf Nzibo, a former commissioner with IEBC called on Kenyans to engage and dialogue in the journey of rebuilding hope in the country after the divisive August 8 general elections.

Justice, peace and stability is what we require today as a country if we were to make strides in development, he added.

Source: Kenya News Agency