Music distributor deploys content system to tame piracy

A digital music content distributor DiGiSPICE, through its local subsidiary, Spice VAS has set out to help music artists in the country reduce distribution costs and tame piracy in the market.

The distributor has already deployed its revolutionary content management system in the country to assist the artists.

In a press statement, DiGiSPICE CEO-Africa, Arun Nagar said the deployment of state of the art Content Management System addresses the key issue of transparency in the industry.

Our focus is to ensure artists get what is rightfully theirs, paying out royalties and ensuring that success and fame does correspond to income, said Nagar.

DiGiSPICE, the sole distributor of Universal Music Group (UMG) content in Africa and exclusive distributor for Tanzania’s Mega star, Diamond Platnumz brings learning and expertise from across the globe to support growth of artists in Kenya, Africa and where it has a presence.

Nagar said the Content Management System monitors artists’ content performance and the number of times it is streamed or downloaded, the revenue earned, and number of consumers reached.

Digital distribution has had a significant and well-documented impact on the music and content industries, we considerably reduce the costs of distributing recorded content to destabilizing piracy on a large scale, he added.

He said the success of the system has enabled both established businesses and new ones to shape the lives of artists.

DiGiSPICE also plays a role in distributing content on traditional VAS platforms such as Skiza on Safaricom as well as other Telco platforms across Africa and other digital channels such as YouTube.

Source: Kenya News Agency