Murang’a residents need lightning rods


Murang’a residents have been asked to put up lightning arrestors as the rains have started. Meteorological director Paul Murage on Wednesday said residents of Gatanga, Kandara and some parts of Kiharu risk being struck by lightning.

Speaking while visiting flood-prone areas, Murage said the region is experiencing more lightning and that all houses should instal arrestors.

He said his department is educating residents on the importance of arrestors during the rainy season.

Murage said a church in Kihumbuini in Gatanga was struck by lightning in June and has deep cracks on its walls.

“I have also cautioned residents of Kihumbuini to observe caution while going to the church, especially during the heavy rains due to the deep cracks that developed,” he said.

Murage urged residents in higher parts of the county, especially near the Aberdares, to be on alert as the area is prone to landslides.

He said Murang’a county has many landslides.

“We lost 11 people from five families at Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga village in Kiharu after their homesteads were swept away by a landslide in 1997,” Murage said.

The director urged farmers to take advantage of the heavy rains to harvest water.

He said long rains are always followed by a dry spell and urged residents to store enough water for irrigation.

No major destruction has been reported so far from Murang’a.

Murage said minimal destruction has been experienced in the county with Murang’a South subcounty being the most affected.