Murang’a Reps Want More, Cheap Rehabs

Murang’a MCAs yesterday passed a motion to fast-track the setting up of rehabilitation centres for alcoholics.

The MCAs also want the county government to make rehab affordable for affected families.

“There are thousands of youths suffering from alcoholism who are unable to access medical help due to lack of money to pay fees charged,” nominated MCA Rebeccah Mwichigi said.

She tabled the motion on Wednesday.

Mwichigi said children have lost mentors and grow up thinking that drinking alcohol and being a financial burden is the norm.

“Once they are fully rehabilitated, the young men will be eligible for employment by the NYS’s youth empowerment programme.”

Makuyu MCA Danson Muchoki said the county government should ensure drinks outlets that were closed down during the countrywide crackdown on illicit liquor remain closed.