Murang’a prison remand overcrowded as suspects fail to raise bail

Overcrowding at the Murang’a GK Prison has been attributed to majority of suspects held in remand failing to raise Court Bails or Bonds, the Officer-In-Charge of the Prison, Binston Mandegwa has revealed

He said also noted that some suspects have been abandoned by their relatives even when they are given free bonds no one of their family members appear in court to sign for them.

Mandegwa said there were some remandees who were given Cash Bail as little as Sh. 5, 000 but none of their relatives has shown up to pay for them.

He said some suspects with minor cases are languishing in remand after failing to foot their Bails thus making the facility strained and crowded.

The Prison, Mandegwa said, was over stretched by holding hundreds of convicts and remandees who have been ignored by their relatives despite application to be granted friendly Bond terms by the Magistrates.

The Officer was speaking on Friday, when members of Murang’a County Chapter of Retired Military Officers Association interacted with the convicts before they showered them with soft drinks and loaves of bread.

Mandengwa said funds allocated by the government for development works in prison are being diverted to food and shelter some of the remandees who could be attending the courts while engaging in their businesses at home.

He said the Prison can be decongested if those granted little amount of Cash Bail and Free Bond are allowed to be attending court hearing from their homes.

Crowding in the prison can reduce by allowing those granted friendly Bond terms and little Cash Bail by the Judiciary can be released and be attending courts from their homes, said Mandegwa.

The Chairperson of the Association, Joseph Marubu, said the visit is among the group’s activities to reach out to the vulnerable groups focusing at nurturing boy child.

Marubu said skills offered to convicts when serving their sentences have rehabilitated majority who after they complete their jail terms, engage in various sectors of economy.

We are here as a group to extend love to the convicts with a message,’once they complete the sentences they will be law abiding citizens’, said Marubu.

Source: Kenya News Agency