Murang’a governor refutes corruption report

Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria has refuted press reports indicating the county as leading in corruption.

Speaking on Wednesday, Wa Iria dismissed the report appearing in sections of the media saying it was cleverly skewed by some politicians to taint the name of the county.

The governor argued the report which was released by the EACC was totally different from what was reported by some of the local dailies and TV stations.

Some politicians have a hand in the damaging report claiming the county is leading in corruption. All these are but political gimmicks aimed at destroying the reputation of Murang’a County.

What EACC released was the total number of corruption cases reported whose list I have and Murang’a is not among the leading counties, observed Wa Iria in a press conference on Wednesday.

He castigated the county senator Irungu Kang’ata for using the report without digging for facts just to mudsling the county government.

The senator has rushed to the media to complain how the county administration is corrupt even before verifying the details given in the report, lamented the governor.

Wa Iria remarked that some leaders are using the report which was done in 2016 with their eyes focused on succession politics of 2022.

He alleged plans to sideline the county in future succession politics but was quick to note that Murang’a will play major role in determining the country’s next president.

Some people in the county and even from the larger Mt. Kenya region have been planning how to sideline us in succession politics and we are aware of their machinations, he said.

He continued, I will not allow evil schemes to push Murang’a out of national politics and meddling with a report like this on corruption is one way of spoiling the name of the county.

The report, the governor said, was done two years back, and he wondered why it was released this time round, if the timing was not suspect.

Wa Iria queried veracity of the research undertaken, adding that it was not scientific but based on mere interviewing of people.

Corruption can only be established by auditing accounts of the county government but not handpicking of few individuals and taking their views, asserted the governor.

On Tuesday, EACC released a report indicating Murang’a County was leading in number of corruption cases countrywide.

The governor is now challenging any person with authentic information about the reported corruption cases in the region to table it without distorting the EACC report.

Source: Kenya News Agency