Murang’a government to sponsor boy’s initiation programme

Murang’a county government in partnership with some local churches has sponsored an initiation programme for boys from poor background.

The programme which is tailored to mentor the boys into responsible people kicked off on Monday and will run for nine days.

The County Governor, Mwangi wa Iria said they were targeting more than 2, 000 boys to be enrolled in the programme which will be conducted in 13 centres spread out in the county.

Last year, the county government was castigated by political opponents who said such a programme should not be sponsored by the local administration.

Mwangi underscored the importance of the programme, saying in the past, initiation of boys was usually done by outlawed groups like Mungiki who introduced the young men into uncouth habits like abuse of drugs and extortion.

He explained that the county needs to have future responsible adults, saying through the mentorship programme there was surety the boys will grow up being responsible.

When the county sponsors such programme, we consider the wellbeing of our boys and ensure bad groups will not have chance to influence them into doing wrong things, he added.

The county government, he said will sponsor some of the boys to undergo training at vocational centres to acquire skills that will help them initiate income generating projects.

This time, we have considered children with disabilities who at most times are forgotten or their parents face challenge to have them circumcised, noted the governor.

At Kabati AIPCA Academy centre in Murang’a South, five boys who were mentally challenged were among 178 boys who were enrolled for the initiation programme.

Mwangi said his government will also sponsor children who are mentally challenged to receive medication in an effort to assist their parents who were always taking care of them.

Meanwhile, the governor told the local MCAs to shun confrontations with their clerk and instead focus on serving the electorate.

He condemned an incident where a section of MCAs led by Deputy Speaker, Samuel Kihuronjo stormed into the clerk’s office in a bid to evict him for purchasing poor quality sport gear.

He added that last week, the members turned to a laughing stock following dramas at the county assembly when they attempted to eject Clerk, Chris Kinyanjui from his office citing mismanagement of funds.

He warned Assembly Deputy Speaker who he termed the defacto leader of the rebelling team, saying he has failed to explore challenges facing his Gitugi ward and was instead championing war against unity of Murang’a.

I will not stomach nonsense as in the last assembly when I fought many political battles but the public assisted me floor rivals who were working towards derailing my development record, said the governor.

Source: Kenya News Agency