Murang’a government moves to boost coffee production

Coffee farmers in Murang’a County have started to receive organic manure provided by the County government in effort to boost their production which has dwindled over the years.

In Gaturi division of Kiharu constituency, more than 500 farmers were each provided with more than 200 kilos of manure which was dumped at Ichanjeru coffee factory.

Speaking when he launched the programme, Murang’a town administrator, Jeremiah Kamau said each farmer would get up to 300 kilos of manure which would be used for 50 coffee bushes.

Kamau reflected that the County leadership under governor Mwangi wa Iria is committed to boosting coffee farming in the area and that the government would rehabilitate 50 coffee bushes of each farmer.

In Kiharu constituency, about 7, 000 farmers have registered to be issued with organic manure and every bush will be dressed with five kilos of it, added Kamau.

Last year, governor Wa Iria announced promotion of coffee farming in the County attributing poor performance of the sector to low coffee production.

The County government started buying organic manure to be distributed to all coffee farmers and deploying extension officers to monitor rehabilitation of the bushes.

In many parts of the County, a coffee bush produces at most two kilos of the berries thus leading to meagre earnings and the programme aims at boosting coffe production per bush to more than 10 kilos, noted Kamau.

The programme, dubbed ‘Kahawa bora’, aims to also help famers to produce high quality coffee cherries which would fetch better prices in the market.

Kamau observed that in Gaturi division, farmers were among those who produce quality coffee. He urged them to embrace the techniques being trained by agricultural officers to boost production.

The administrator warned the farmers against using the manure on other crops, saying it was only meant for coffee.

The manure was purposely brought for coffee bushes and our extension officers are on the ground to ensure the manure is not used on any other crops, added Kamau.

He further said farmers would also be issued with pesticides to prevent the bushes from pests and insects.

The farmers were also encouraged to nurture other coffee bushes apart from those adopted by the County government.

Source: Kenya News Agency