Murang’a farmers to get certified seeds in preparation for rainy season

Murang’a farmers to get certified seeds in preparation for rainy season

Murang’a County government has rolled out a programme of issuing farmers with certified maize seeds in preparations for the rainy season.

More than 500, 000 farmers across the County were expected to benefit from the seeds which will be distributed in every sub county by the county government officers.

The County governor, Mwangi wa Iria has said the program was aimed at ensuring local farmers got recommended seeds to plant in the awaited rainy season in an effort to boost food security in the region.

He said they would give seeds which required less rainfall as the weather officers have warned that the region may receive less rains in the March-May season.

As one way of curbing food shortage in this County, my administration has procured certified maize seeds which will be distributed to farmers in all sub counties, said the governor on Wednesday.

Wa Iria further said the farmers would also be availed with subsidized fertilizer to boost their produce.

Some parts of the County are experiencing hunger after a total crop failure due to lack of adequate rainfall last season.

In some areas in the County, including Kambiti, Ithanga, Maragua, Makuyu and Kakuzi farmers did not harvest any produce as their crops dried up before maturing for lack of enough rains.

In other parts of the County, farmers were decrying destruction of their crops by marauding monkeys complaining that the primates were pushing them to abandon farming.

Wa Iria reiterated that the exercise of trapping the offensive monkeys would continue as the primates were posing a threat to food security.

Two weeks ago, the farmers, with help of the County government, started trapping the monkeys and repatriating them to Aberdare forests.

The governor noted that the reproduction rate of the monkeys was very high and that the primates were destroying all crops in the farms leaving farmers counting losses.

We are going to engage chiefs and village headmen to help us get areas where the monkeys hide so as to trap them and take them back to forests. The animals are really giving our farmers sleepless nights, he remarked.

Source: Kenya News Agency