Multi-talented Daniel Okiror rocks Nairobi show: PHOTOS


Rooftop Sundowner at Pawa254, located in State House Crescent, was the venue for Daniel Okiror’s second concert in Nairobi, in as many months.

A fusionist of many elements of the African music, with modern and traditional instruments, the Ugandan was vocally backed up by Olith Ratego from Kenya.

Daniel’s music is influenced by his Ateso cultural upbringing, and he uses the same language to express himself musically. His dance moves also go back to his culture, they include rapid shuffling of his feet, stomping and leaps.


However, that does not diminish him as an entertainer. Having grown up also listening to Congolese music, he has merged this with his music to come up with fast-paced danceable music. Three songs stick from that performance though: “Big Bang”, “Edeke ka” and “Emuria Koliai”.

As his own hype-man, he is hilarious and knew just what to say to get the crowd involved.

His multiplicity of talents don’t stop there though. He can pay the guitar, Akogo (thumb piano), and Adungu and Nyatiti (stringed instruments). It was a performance that had the audience forgetting about the drizzling and cold Friday night that was being felt at the rooftop.

Interestingly, his band members were Kenyan: Moise (bass), Polycas (keyboard) and Onesmus (guitarist). He calls them his Nairobi band.

He sets off for Mombasa, before leaving for three months of touring in Belgium.