Mt. Elgon Sub-county receives 56,000 mosquito net

The Government through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation is in the process of distributing 56,000 mosquito nets following a malaria outbreak.

Area Public Health Officer, John Nyamwongo said that the five-day exercise that commenced on Saturday October 21, would continue until Wednesday October 25.

The health officer informed that so far 25,000 nets have already been distributed in the Sub-county with the residents turning large numbers to receive the aid.

He said that the community health volunteers have been carrying out a registration exercise in households to establish the population to guide in the distribution.

However, the Nyamwongo said the terrain and the current torrential rain fall were some of the challenges they faced while conducting the activity.

Nyamwongo said that in some area such as Labot and some parts of Kaptama, donkeys, motorbikes and tractors become instrumental in transport due to the ragged terrain and poor road network, characteristic of the Sub-county.

Another challenge is that we receive many complaints, particularly when some families who were not captured in the register due to their nomadic tendencies are not given the nets, area such as Kaberua, most of the families living around the forest are nomadic, he noted

He however, assured that such complaints would confirmed that the complains will be addressed at the end of the distribution exercise.

Nyamwongo also noted that some areas lacked communications due to poor or no telecommunication signals (network) hence interfering with the coordination of the exercise.

The Health Officers called upon the community to ensure that the mosquito net distributed was used for the intended purpose only and not as ‘fences to prevent chicken from devouring vegetables.

He called upon Chiefs and their Assistants to be vigilant and ensure that the items were not misused, warning that those found would face prosecution.

Nyamwongo also asked the community health volunteers to continue educating the community on the proper use of the nets and their maintenance.

Source: Kenya News Agency