MP Anyanga Targets 60,000 New Voters

NYATIKE legislator Edick Anyanga has rolled out a drive to list 60,000 voters in his constituency by the end the year.

This will be more than double the number of registered voters.

Anyanga said chiefs, opinion leaders and elders will ensure at least 1,000 residents get IDs in 27 locations within two months.

He spoke on Monday during a meeting in Macalder to popularise the drive.

Politicians, the civil society and public administrators attended.

“Since the last general election, more than 20,000 residents have acquired IDs, but we have only registered 360 new voters. We will start mobile voter registration in all polling centres to attain this number,” Anyanga said.

He will pay transport costs for residents to register.

Anyanga said the region has only one registrar of persons, who should have a deputy in Got Kachola and Kaler divisions, which have the highest number of unregistered voters.

“Wards such as Macalder-Kanyarwanda delivered more than 5,000 new voters when gold mines were closed,” he said.

Nyatike deputy county commissioner James Namtalla said he will ensure chiefs and assistant chiefs help residents to acquire IDs.

“Getting IDs is the right of all Kenyans and we will help the government in planning for their expenditure and taxation. We have been left out in this area due to poor registration,” he said.

The electoral agency coordinator Moses Daula said most politicians in the area do not push their supporters to acquire IDs and register as voters.

“By registering as voters in large numbers, residents will have a chance to elect the leaders they want and stop complaining about rigged elections,” Daula said.