Mourners reject food offered by County government

Mourners rejected food offered by Kilifi county government at a funeral ceremony of a bodaboda rider who was fatally knocked down by a county inspectorate vehicle at Mtangani village in Malindi Sub County.

The mourners at the weekend told the bereaved family to return the food to the County government claiming it would not be fair to receive an offer from the same county that caused the death of their kin due to alleged negligence by doctors at the Malindi Sub County hospital.

The county Government had offered food stuff including 300 kilograms of rice, two bags of maize, cooking oil, wheat flour and Sh. 100,000 cash to help the bereaved family in the funeral expenses.

The victim Tonny Musa 20 was knocked down by a county inspectorate vehicle which was chasing a matatu at Malindi Airport area on the Malindi -Mombasa road and died after what family said, was negligence by doctors at the hospital.

Family members and the Kilifi County Bodaboda association gave the county government 21 days to compensate the family or else they would move to court to seek justice.

Mr.Alfred Ngalla a family member said the family would not accept the county donation, further, calling on the Director of Public Prosecution to investigate the matter and ensure action is taken on those who failed to perform their duties.

Speaking at the same ceremony Mr.Joseph Mwangu the Vice Chairman of Kilifi county Motorcycle association said this is not the first time that the county vehicle has knocked a bodaboda rider. He recalled that early 2018 said the same county inspectorate vehicle knocked and injured a female passenger.

To date the woman is still having injuries and has not received any support from the County, he lamented.

Responding to the claims, County government health CEC Dr. Omar Anisa dismissed the allegations of negligence claiming the doctors played their role effectively.

Source: Kenya News Agency