Motorists protest over insecurity cases

Owing to rampant insecurity cases in Kanunga location, bodaboda operators from the area Monday held demonstrations along Biashara Street in Kiambu town demanding for justice for the death of one of their members.

The operators matched from Kanunga to Kiambu town where they teamed up with the Kiambu town bodaboda operators and proceeded to Oil Libya stage for further instructions on the way forward.

Kiambu town operators’ chairman, Nderitu Kamunya, while speaking to KNA at the stage said they were also protesting the death of their member who was recently killed under mysterious circumstances within Kiambu town.

Kamunya added that some of the riders at the stage had lost nine motorcycles to police officers in the one last week who confiscated the bikes for no apparent reason.

The chairman pointed out that the protest was to draw attention of the authorities so that they can be protected from further harassment and get answers to the murder incidents that were taking place in their areas of operation.

The demonstration attracted the attention of the Kiambu Township Member of County Assembly (MCA), Antony Ikonya who urged the riders not to protest but seek dialogue with Kiambu Governor Fredrick Waititu who was being hosted at Kameme road show in the town.

The MCA advised them to patiently wait as it would take just a few minutes for the Governor to address the issues that were disturbing their peace. Soon after he finished calming them down the Governor arrived to address their concerns.

The chairman who spoke on their behalf explained to the Governor myriad issues that were afflicting their operations that led to the demonstration.

The Governor advised them to peacefully follow him to his office opposite Kiambu Posta so that they could discuss and get a peaceful resolution to their problems.

Mr. Waititu also promised to donate Sh 10,000 to the family of the deceased who was murdered as he offered his heartfelt condolences.

He also promised to talk to the County Commissioner Mr. Wilson Wanyanga regarding the confiscated motorcycles.

Source: Kenya News Agency