Motorists blame devolution for poor state of roads in Kapsowar town

Motorists in Kapsowar town have blamed devolution for bad roads in the town accusing the authorities of doing little to repair local roads since the inception of county governments.

The motorists say that despite paying their taxes to the county government since its inception, it has continued to ignore its obligations towards the town and have not kept their part of the bargain.

“We pay to the county up to shs 1.28million monthly with each matatu operator paying Shs 1,200 and a boda boda operator paying shs 200 but till now they have given us a raw deal in offering services to us,” said Solomon Koech, the Kapsowar town Bodaboda operators’ chairman.

The angry Matatu and Bodaboda operators Tuesday took to the streets disrupting business for more than four hours to fill huge potholes which have been the cause of numerous accidents in town.

“We have had four accidents in less than a week, two involving matatus and the other two involving motor-bikes because of the huge potholes as motorists try to evade collisions”, Koech added.

They gave the county government up to end January to repair the roads in town and if they failed to do so they would not pay monthly payments for their operations in town but will instead use the money to repair the roads by themselves.

They said that it was better when they operated under the defunct county councils because services were close to them and whenever they launched a complaint.

It was acted upon swiftly as compared to now where complaints are taken to the county headquarters in Iten where services have been centralized to one place bringing other small towns to their knees.

The Matatu operators spoke to the press Tuesday at Kapsowar town after they completed filling the potholes they said are the cause of accidents and reason sending them to garages every day.

However County Executive Committee (CEC) member in charge of roads Morris Rotich when conducted said the plan to repair the roads was underway and the process was still at procurement stage.

By Anne Cheruiyot

Source: Kenya News Agency