Motorcycle Operators Perpetrate Defilement

Nyandarua North Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Mohamed Abbas Tuesday expressed concern over rising cases of school girls’defilement which he attributes to boda boda riders.

Abbas said that cases of defilement and school dropout of underage girls have become rampant in the area, with many being fueled by boda boda riders.

“‘Lift for sex’ is rampant in this area and girls have fallen victims of these riders who lure them with freebies and lifts to and from school,” he said.

Abbass regretted that most defilement cases are handled at home, with the riders paying a ransom in addition to dowry.

“Parents and guardians should know that defilement is a crime against the state, as such kangaroo courts will not be tolerated,” he said and cited a case where a form two girl was married off to her boda boda after he had paid Shs.10, 000 as dowry.

He attributed the vice to parents who start boda boda businesses for their young sons when they drop out of school instead of encouraging them to further their education, observing that this put their future in jeopardy.

“These young men are exposed to pneumonia, besides risking their lives on the accident prone roads. The societies they form will not last long if they all are illiterate; education is the way to go,” he said.

The DCC, who was addressing journalists in his office , said his office is working closely with Ndaragwa Constituency Development Fund (CDF) office to initiate programmes that will give the youth an opportunity to continue with their education.

By Anne Sabuni

News Agency