Mosquito nets distribution reduces prevalent rate

Malaria prevalence in Kisumu County has dropped significantly following a successful free mosquito nets distribution programme.

The programme rolled out by the national government last year has also seen cases of child mortality caused by malaria reduced.

Kisumu County Malaria Control Coordinator Lillian Adayo attributed the success to proper use of the nets.

In the past some households opted to use the nets for fishing while others used them to fence off their farms to keep off birds, she said.

As a county we are happy that residents are now aware of the importance of using mosquito nets and as a result cases of malaria are minimal, she added.

Each household in the area, Adayo pointed out, received nets depending on the number of persons, with a single net being given for every two persons.

Despite the massive campaign on proper mosquito net use, she lamented that some households were not using them for the intended purpose.

This, she said was unfortunate and could reverse the gains made in the fight against the killer disease.

During heavy rains there is increase in mosquito breeding hence cases of malaria attack are usually on the rise. Those affected should seek immediate medical attention from our hospitals, she advised.

The County and Sub-County Health Management Teams she said have enhanced surveillance to ensure proper use of the mosquito nets in the area.

Source: Kenya News Agency