Mosoriot residents petition Nandi government to fast-track development

Residents from Lelmokwo-Ngechek and Kosirai wards have tasked the county government of Nandi to fast-track the initiation of basic key services that are lacking in Mosoriot town.

The over 500 residents drawn from Chesumei constituency led by Abraham Mutai, who is also the Nandi County Athletics Kenya Chairman, cited lack of public toilets, poor drainage, poor road infrastructure, lack of street lights and poor infrastructure at the Mosoriot sub county hospital.

The residents, who paid a courtesy call to the County’s Chief Officer in charge of Trade, Investment and Industrial Development, Jacob Sissey at his Mosoriot home on Sunday, regretted that they had not felt the impact of devolution at the grassroots, leave alone their major town.

He decried the slow pace in which the county government was implementing its budgeted projects for the town, adding that a proposed Kenya Medical Training College to be at the sub county hospital remains only to be a pipe dream as there are no efforts by the local government to improve its infrastructure.

Mutai also cited the poor road infrastructure in Mosoriot town and its environs, saying that a water project built by the World Bank remains incomplete because laying down of pipes cannot be done before the towns roads are done properly.

“We need a good plan for this town, so that investors can be sure to place their money here. Right now we have no tarmac road in Mosoriot town, thus putting traders and investors in an awkward position,’ said Mutai.

Juddy Tanui, a business woman at the town, regretted that business women continue to face challenges especially due to lack of public toilets thus putting hygienic standards to question.

She added that women and other business people continue to face challenges, given that the town has no dump site and the drainage system is in a bad condition. “When it rains, we sale our wares on muddy grounds, when there are no rains we face the challenge of dust. We urge the county government to come on to our aid”, said Tanui.

Tanui further lamented that they have to close their businesses as early as 6.00 pm since the town has no single street light functioning despite the town being strategically along the busy Kapsabet-Eldoret highway.

“The lights stopped functioning a long time ago and we cannot operate in darkness. We lose a lot of revenue despite the town being a potential for customers given its locality”, she said.

The Chief Officer agreed to forward their development petition to the county government, and promised to ensure the projects already budgeted for in previous financial years are implemented to the latter.

“For those projects not budgeted for, it is our duty to ensure that we do so in the next financial year”, he said.

Sissey further revealed that plans to build a milk factory at Mosoriot town are at advanced stages, adding that potential investors have been identified and locals will be informed of the progress in due course.

“We have not neglected this town and I want to assure residents that their development demands will reach the governor’s office for implementation”, said the chief officer.

By Martin Kiplimo