Mortality rate still high in Homa bay

Nyanza Region Counties have been ranked as having the high maternal mortality rate, according to a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Health.

County Governments have, therefore, been urged to take women health matters seriously just like other development projects within the County.

Report by White Ribbon Alliance, an organization that advocates for affordable and quality health for the women, states that 90 per cent of women who die during delivery lose their lives due poor medical care in hospitals across the country.

Organization Executive Director, Anjela Nguku, also added that their research had also revealed that poor health facilities continue to claim many more women’s lives.

Speaking in Homa Bay High School Friday, Nguku blamed governors for laxity and misplaced development priorities when allocating development funds.

She said it was unfortunate that high profile government officials have to travel oversees to seek medical services but still claim to have developed our health facilities to offer quality health services.

It is a fallacy that Governors say quality in health care has been achieved yet high profile political leaders seek medication from foreign countries. We can only talk of achieving quality healthcare if we see governors, their wives and children seek medical care in public

health facilities, said Nguku.

The leaders called on the Government to intensify efforts to avert maternal mortality in the country.

In attendance at the ceremony was Homa Bay Women Homa Representative, Gladys Wanga, who expressed concerns on the high rate of teenage pregnancies in the region.

She expressed concern that a number of such other cases may not have been recorded. There is need for concerted efforts to curb teenage pregnancies which

undermine wellbeing of our young girls, said Wanga.

Wanga promised to use her position in parliament to push the Government in ensuring better health care to curb maternal deaths.

We don’t want our women to die due to poor health services. I will push the Government to reverse the situation, she added.

Source: Kenya News Agency