More congratulatory messages for Jammeh

The President of the Republic, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya Jammeh Babili Mansa continues to receive more messages of congratulation. The latest to write to the President include Lamin Gibba, Imam, Pirang Jola Kunda Mosque and the members of the Traditional Healers Assembly of the Gambia (TRAHASS).

The messages read:

Letter of gratitude and commendation

On behalf of my family and the community of Pirang Jola Kunda, I would like to extend our warmest regards, best wishes, profound gratitude and appreciation to Your Excellency, the first family, cabinet and the entire government of the Republic of The Gambia, for what Your Excellency has done and continues to do for the citizens and residents of The Gambia.

Your Excellency has demonstrated and proven without an iota of doubt, the exemplary leadership that warranted the need for a change of government in order to bring about much needed development to the doorsteps of every Gambian regardless of tribal religious and or political affiliations.

The numerous infrastructural development projects including rural electrification, construction of schools, hospitals, first class roads, and bridges have rightfully earned you the enviable title of Babili Mansa. In the same vein therefore, Your Excellency’s recent magnanimity that resulted in the release of hundreds of prisoners and the promotion of thousands of security personnel to various ranks should deservedly earn you the noble title Balafa Mansa.

In sincere appreciation of Your Excellency’s benevolent gestures to better the lives of the people of The Gambia, we shall continue to pray for Your Excellency’s personal wellbeing and that of the first family, cabinet and the government of the Republic of The Gambia. May the Omnipotent and Omnipresent Allah guide and protect all of you in all your endeavours.

On behalf of the community of Pirang Jola Kunda, please accept Your Excellency the assurances of our continued unflinching and faithful allegiance.

Yours respectfully

Lamin Gibba

Imam, Pirang Jola Kunda Mosque

Congratulations on the hosting of the scientific conference on traditional medicine in The Gambia 3-4th September 2015

Once again we the members of the Traditional Healers Assembly of the Gambia (TRAHASS) are in unison saluting and congratulating you for the promotion of our eminent cultural practice, traditional medicine.

In the same vein we join the rest of our countrymen and women in thanking you for your immense endeavours in taking Gambia from the doldrums to an outstanding nation. We are all proud of being Gambians and always happy to associate ourselves with your name because of the humanitarian courses you have championed.

Your Excellency, you have instilled peace in our immediate back yard, ensured food security not only with a slogan, ‘eat what you grow and grow what you eat’ but actually with farming and proceeds of which is supporting humanitarian courses.

Excellency Sir, you have out of your benevolence and good heart forgiven and emancipated hundreds of prisoners who never thought of seeing day light with their treasonable acts against yourself and the state.

Your prowess in traditional medicine has astounded the so call scientists with their theories on the incurability of cancer, HIV Aids, infertility etc. In fact the most dreadful aspect of these diseases is not only their fatality but the stigma bedevilling them, however, thanks to your intervention stigma has now faded in our memories and the effected and infected are fully integrated in their communities.

Sir, we the traditional healers in The Gambia had adapted you as our father and we reaffirm our allegiance to you as our mentor. Hence, we have learnt from you that healing is not only dispensation of medicines but caring and sharing are obvious factors in the treatment and relieving of the sick and the infirm.

Sir, for your information the handsome amount you donated traditional healers at the launching of National Traditional Medicine Day is what the Traditional Healers Assembly (TRAHASS) is using to mount up a grand traditional medicine exhibition at this scientific conference on your behalf.

Once again, we the traditional healers of The Gambia thank you and pray for your good health and long life and that of all your family members.

Long Live Alhagi Dr. Professor, Yaya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa. Long Live The Gambia