Morans to defy culture marry, uncut girls

Samburu Morans have said they are willing to embrace change and marry girls who have not undergone Female Genital Mutilation.

The morans said they were ready to move away from negative cultural practices that affect women and girls in their community.

Speaking on Tuesday in Loosuk village during an Anti-FGM sensitisation training sponsored by the Anti-FGM board, the morans said they were not aware of other ways of life apart from what they learn from their elders.

The young men said they had always believed that women who have been circumcised are the ones fit for marriage.

A representative of sixty morans in Samburu Central Lekeyo Leleyio said the seminar was an eye opener on what their girls go through while undergoing FGM.

Leleyio said due to the training, they will spearhead Anti-FGM campaign to their peers and village members to ensure that the vice was eradicated.

We will go to the villages and tell our people about it, we are also ready to marry girls who have not undergone the cut, he said.

The morans however said that girls should be left to decide whether to undergo the cut or not.

As they fight FGM, they should know that there are those who voluntarily take the cut and their decisions should be respected, he noted.

The morans said they would persuade their age mates who are on their way to marriage to be leading example by marrying women who are not circumcised.

However, the morans noted that they would want to be explained how FGM is harmful to the life and health of girls.

In Samburu traditions, once a girl has been circumcised she is termed as ripe and ready for marriage.

In some cases, girls are married off the same day they undergo FGM.

Anti FGM Board Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Benerdete Lolojuu said that the training is meant to sensitise morans to shun FGM and also agree to marry girls who have not undergone the cut.

The number of girls who have not gone through FGM is rising in Samburu County because of our efforts through the Samburu Girls Foundation, and other partners. So we need to make them feel accepted in the society, she said.

At the same time, the CEO warned parents who have devised new ways of circumcising their girls and evading the law.

We are aware of parents who cut their daughters in hospitals in cahoots with hospital staff and disguise the cut for some illness, let me warn you that your days are numbered, she warned.

Loloju said that the trainings are in preparation for the International Day of the Girl Child which will be celebrated at the Samburu Girls Foundation in Loosuk village in Samburu Central constituency on October 11, 2017.

Source: Kenya News Agency