Modernization project to turn agricultural town into a 24 hour economy

A modernization program for Kagio town has been launched by the Kirinyaga County Government that will also enable traders in the area start a 24 hour economy.

The project will also provide traders and visitors alike with an 81-parking slots zone and two modern public toilets.

Commissioning the project dubbed ‘Kagio Carbro Block Works’ on Wednesday, Governor Anne Waiguru said once completed it will turn the town into a 24 hour economy.

She said the project will include street lighting which is a major component in enhancement of security for the traders.

We want our traders to enjoy the comfort that the ultra �modern facility will provide once completed after many years of conducting their business in dehumanizing conditions, she said.

Waiguru told the contractor to ensure that all the manual employees mainly youths should be sourced from the area.

She said a similar project will soon be rolled out at Kutus town which is presently in a pathetic condition despite being the County’s seat of power.

Once we roll out the Kutus town project we will expect traders who have encroached the Bus Park to start clearing from the area to give room to the contractor without any conditions, she said.

She however, urged certain leaders to tone down their empty rhetoric and give development more focus.

She told those who hire desperate youths to cause chaos during official functions to use such cash for other meaningful courses.

Waiguru took the opportunity to tell her critics off and reminded them they should not mistake her as a coward.

I am a fighter having fought many battles when I was a technocrat but am being restrained by the respect I have for the Head of State Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto who have asked us not to engage in political bickering at the expense of development, she said.

The Kirinyaga Senator, Charles Kibiru and leader of Majority said they would support the governor in the realization of development in the county.

Source: Kenya News Agency