Mobile connectivity to help achieve big four

Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), Cabinet Secretary, Joe Mucheru Tuesday said that the government was working towards ensuring that every part of Kenya had mobile network connectivity, in line with achieving, the big four agendas

Mucheru said that 93 percent of the Kenyan urban population use mobile money, through the various Mobile platforms, which accounts to the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP), in the country.

We want to have mobile phone coverage of the whole country, because research shows that broadband increases GDP growth by three percent, and through, regulation and competition, the four mobile operators that we have currently, can be able to get 4G network licenses for the whole country, explained Mucheru.

The CS said the government is working towards spreading the fiber connectivity to the grassroots in the next five years, which is expected to connect all the county governments,through provision of quality and efficient services.

Addressing a French delegation of over 50 companies at a Nairobi hotel , Mucheru said that Kenya was among the leading countries in mobile money platforms, which involve, transferring money, savings and merchant payments, among other products.

We have the E-citizen with over 100 government services which could also be paid for using mobile money, said Mucheru.

Kenya will be importing about 50 million phones every two to three years. In Africa there are over 950 million mobile phone users, with Kenya, being a member of smart Africa, which is a union of 34 African countries, whose heads of state came together to create a single digital market for over 600 million people, Mucheru said.

The chairman of Mouvement des entreprises de France (MEDEF), and the Business Europe Vice chair, Pierre Gattaz said the main objective is to promote partnerships, which will help in manufacturing products in local companies, and hence promote 25 conglomerates in Africa.

Source: Kenya News Agency