Minors stung by bees

Six children were seriously injured after they were stung by bees at Milima village, Tongareni Constituency in Bungoma County Tuesday.

Narrating the incident, a neighbour of the children Ms. Judith Simiyu said their mother had left them in the house to go to church when the incident occurred.

Simiyu said that a herdsman who was looking after cattle in an adjacent farm threw stones at a beehive in a nearby thicket, causing the bees to swarm out and begin to sting everybody around and the herd of cattle.

She added that as people ran in all directions one of the children ran into their house where other children were oblivious that a swarm of bees was pursuing him. “It was then that the bees stung the six children,” Simiyu said.

She added that she and a village elder Mr Peter Mrefu who responded to the Children pleas for help rushed into the house and rescued the children from the furious swarm of bees.

“Each of us covered the children with blankets and rushed them to a nearby boda boda stage and the operators rushed them to Sikhendu health centre, about a kilometre in Trans Nzoia County; one of them was admitted while five others were treated and discharged.

By Caroline Wanyama

Source: Kenya News Agency