Ministry unveils web link to enhance information sharing

The government has launched the Registrar of Treaties database and web link.

This new innovation will enhance information sharing among the public in the rapidly changing socio-economic environment.

The launch by Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in line with national policies, legislations and institutions aimed at promoting the use of technology and innovation to enhance national development.

Speaking during the launch, Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amb. Amina Mohamed noted that the public had over the years relied on International bodies’ websites to access information on treaties and agreements signed by Kenya.

It is for this reasons that my Ministry took a lead role in the creation of the web link which will greatly enhance public access to information as well as facilitate public accessibility and awareness of the treaties, said the CS.

Amb. Mohamed added that the establishment of the web link will greatly reduce duplication, save resources for and allow better planning of government engagements.

At the regional and continental level, the web link will play a key role in promoting regional cooperation and integration by sharing information on Kenya’s international obligations. It will be a user friendly instrument to our negotiators at the bilateral and multilateral levels, added the CS.

The CS noted that Kenya has since independence, signed and approved various international treaties and conventions which have been majorly in the custody of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She also said that her Ministry is entrusted with maintaining data of the treaties proposed for signature by Kenya, monitoring the implementation of the treaties approved and informing lead State departments to observe and uphold their obligations under the respective treaties.

My Ministry, in compliance with Article 2(5) of the Constitution which requires all treaties ratified by Kenya to form part of the Laws of Kenya has established an office of the Registrar of Treaties, stated the CS.

She further stated the Registrar is tasked with the responsibility of acting as a depositary of all treaties that Kenya has signed, approved and agreed to.

The launch is also in line with the Ministries’ responsibility as the country’s repository of all treaties for which Kenya is party to or is in the process of becoming a party to.

Source: Kenya News Agency