Ministry of health calls for more sensitization of adolescent health

The Ministry of Health is calling for collaboration with the Ministry of Education to establish forums on adolescent health in learning institutions.

Head of Community health development Dr. Salim Ali Hussein said there is need to have more forums on adolescent health education in learning institutions since the highest number of youths are found in schools.

Speaking today during the 2nd Adolescent Health Symposium at a Nairobi hotel, Salim noted that there has been a lot of progress in the adolescent health sector.

He said the country is on the right track in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on health.

Hussein however said the government should invest more in the cancer treatment which has been a death threat to many individuals.

The government is trying and has gone ahead to get vaccinations for young girls against cervical cancer, he added

Dr. Salim asked young people to engage in positive issues concerning their health and education saying the ministry can only do 25 percent of the work, thus the adolescents have a big part to play.

A youth representative David Mutahi urged the public to treat the youth as a major stakeholder.

Youth are also supposed to be sensitized more on issues concerning their health, Mutahi added.

World Health Organization (WHO) child and adolescent health nutrition officer Martin Chabi said there were many challenges facing the adolescents and youth, given that there are 9 million of them in the country.

With this rising number each day, there is need for sensitization to avoid increase in diseases such as HIV and Cancer, he noted.

Chabi differed with some of the young people who he said have been saying they fear Cancer more than HIV, saying HIV still pose a threat to their survival.

HIV still remains and affects a high number of our youth and with the increase of adolescent population, it continues to increase and if not taken care of it will worsen, he said

Chabi urged health institutions to work towards coming up with appropriate health policies and also invest in adolescent as this will ensure universal health is achieved

Source: Kenya News Agency