Mining firm manager narrowly escapes death after armed thugs raid bar

The Base Titanium Mining Company Community Relations Manager escaped death by a whisker after he was shot at by unknown gunmen on Saturday night.

Police said the gang which had raided a bar in Mvindeni area, Ukunda, at around 10pm, opened fire to scare the patrons just when the manager, Pius Kassim was driving in.

According to Msambweni Police Boss, Joseph Chebusit, the mining firm manager miraculously escaped being hit by a bullet when the thugs started firing in the air.

However, he was injured by flying glass from his car’s glass which was smashed by a bullet, Chebusit said.

Kassim was driving into the bar while the robbery was underway and the gang started shooting on spotting him but fortunately they missed their target, he said.

He further said the gang robbed the bar patrons of their cash and mobile phones and that none of the other customers were harmed.

The victim, he added, sustained minor injuries and was rushed to Diani Beach hospital where he was treated and discharged.

This comes at a time when the company which mines mineral sands for export has come under intense criticism from some local leaders over alleged failure to hire locals.

Two weeks ago leaders threatened to demonstrate and block trucks ferrying the minerals to the firm’s Likoni port facilities.

The incident comes barely a week after the local administration launched a peace campaign and an operation to recover stolen firearms.

The region has lately been rocked by a series of criminal activities among them the killing of two police officers who were manning a church and whose guns were stolen on September 3.

A month later, two Technical University of Mombasa, Kwale Campus workers were shot dead and two police officers and a driver injured when armed thugs ambushed and sprayed their car with bullets.

Source: Kenya News Agency