Migori ward reps pushing for Sh204 Million send-off pay before adjourning

The Migori county government is seeking a Sh 35 million bank loan facility to partly finance a send-off pay package for over 60 ward representatives.

The representatives who have declined to adjourn demanding their sh. 204 million severance package have upped pressure on the county public service board forcing Clerk Mr. Tom Onyango to seek the approval of the loan from the County Secretary Mr. Christopher Rusana.

In a letter to the County Secretary on 10th July 12, 2017, Mr. Onyango states that the board had resolved to secure the loan from DTB � Migori branch to offset all unpaid committee arrears and bills.

He says in the letter seen by KNA: The County Assembly in its endeavors to offset all unpaid committee arrears and other operational unpaid bills, the board in its meeting of 29th June, 2017 resolved that we get a credit facility of Sh35,000,000 (Thirty five million only) from DTB � Migori branch. The cash back at the bank shall be the security.

However, by late Tuesday, there was no response from Mr. Rusana, raising anger among the MCA’s. The ward reps have vowed never to adjourn until they receive their dues.

Rusana was non-committal on the subject when KNA sought comment as to whether the proposal for the loan acquisition was in order.

Majority of the reps lost party nominations and are now pushing for extension of the house business to exert pressure on the board to pay them.

The MCAs have been reporting to the assembly daily hoping to get the windfall before August 8 elections.

Source: Kenya News Agency