Migori County Land Registrar to Release Title Deeds

More than 36,000 tittle deeds for Nyatike residents are lying uncollected at the Migori County land registry over the last two years.

Area land registrar, George Obondo says the uncollected Title deeds are part of a consignment received from the lands ministry, following the completion of land adjudication and registration in the region.

Former Land Cabinet Secretary, Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi disbursed only 20,000 deeds when he visited Muhuru Bay and Sori market, early 2017, accompanied by Migori Governor Okoth Obado.

The Migori lands office is currently able to process up to 350 title deeds per day, leading to the ever increasing number of uncollected deeds in the region, said Obondo.

The registrar who made the remarks while addressing the County Service Delivery Committee meeting urged both the County executives and National government officials to work with land officers to ensure that people are sensitized to collect the uncollected titles.

Obondo said the government had waived fees for registration and other penalties charged on uncollected title deeds to people with disabilities and the poor lot to hasten disbursement.

However, he accused area chiefs and their assistants of jeopardizing efforts to smoothen land transactions and dispute resolution, allegedly through engagement in corruption.

Our chiefs and their assistants have become a headache to me because they have become ‘serious land brokers’ instead of being part of the team to resolve increasing land disputes in this region, he told the meeting chaired by the area County Commissioner, Joseph Rotich.

Mr. Obondo further said that the Lands Ministry is implementing a number of measures to address challenges hampering Service Delivery at the local land offices especially those regarding staffing.

He said that Migori is among the counties where a few Land Control Boards have not been reconstituted.

County Commissioner Rotich assured of his commitment to ensure matters of land are handled well and with speed required.

Source: Kenya News Agency